Our Philosophy

As a faith-based counseling Christian Family Counseling Center, Anchor Counseling bases its practice on the truths of the Christian Bible, especially those scriptures that bear on our relationships with God and one another. Anchor Counseling combines professional counseling techniques and Scriptural principles in a unique approach to mental health issues. Though we are guided by these teachings, we do not impose our views on our clients but rather meet them where they are.

Our Approach

Anchor Counseling is committed to helping individuals and families achieve their goals by practicing solution focused counseling techniques. A hallmark of the counseling approach at Anchor Counseling is to equip individuals and families with strategies to improve relationships and enhance overall functioning. We do this by helping people to understand the root of the problem and offering hope for improvement. Using a strengths-based approach, we will help you identify personal and family strengths that will enrich your relationships, enable you to experience greater fulfillment in life, and have a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.

We have found that working with multiple members of a family enhances the family counseling experience and adds to the success of the treatment.  Anchor Counseling focuses on strengthening families by encouraging spouses, children, and significant others to join in the counseling process by attending sessions together and becoming active participants in the process.  Our counselors have helped people heal from past hurts and experience better relationships through the preservation of family relationships.   

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See to it that no one misses the grace of God... Hebrews 12:15
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